About Tamayo Life



A message from Morin the founder        

Before beginning my journey at Traidcraft, the long standing pioneer of fair trade, I worked for fast-fashion brands. This transition was vital to begin championing the mission to fight poverty through trade.  Traidcraft as part of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) alongside other brands and producers, follow the 10 principles of fair trade in their every-day business practices and carry out monitoring to ensure these principles are upheld, such as fair wage and transparency and accountability. This process was a stark contrast to big factories, large volumes, and negotiating the cheapest price. 

We made conscious decisions to have a positive impact on the people and the planet when sourcing, developing and buying our products. In addition to using natural materials, non-toxic dyes and minimising shipping methods to limit the carbon footprint.

My first trip to visit producers in India was a game changer. I met artisan women in Gujarat from different backgrounds who came together to work despite the religious tensions in their communities. These women had a common goal and were empowered by learning the skill to use a needle to create beautiful intricate embroideries on accessories and homeware. The positive impact was demonstrated through their financial independence having their own bank accounts, meaning they could take care of their families, educate their children and pay for essential medical care.

As a British & Nigerian mixed-race woman, I want to explore more of my African heritage. I am inspired by the rich diversity of prints and handicrafts.

There are many stories to tell about the wonderful people I met in Asia, Africa and Peru, which fired up my passion and commitment to fair trade. I will be sharing these stories along this journey with you on Tamayo Life. 

Why buy from Tamayo Life

Through working in fair trade, I learned the importance of finding the right partners and building long term relationships. My ethos is based on social positive impact, empowering women, using sustainable materials and preserving heritage textiles and craftsmanship. Collaboration, respect and mutual benefit allows us to flourish and take the key steps to care for our planet.

Tamayo Life provides hand crafted, good quality pieces of fashion, jewellery, accessories and homeware, that are timeless in design and inspired by a global fusion of cultures. The beauty of our products, is the handmade nature which comes with natural flaws, this adds to its uniqueness.

The pieces are eco-conscious using non-toxic dyes and made from natural materials. From organic cotton to zero waste paper, recycled glass and other sustainable materials.  Our pieces will enhance and add richness to what you wear and into your home. They are the “new luxury” to cherish, knowing the artisans are paid fairly and the planet is being cared for.

We encourage you to buy consciously and cherish your pieces for a long time, to gradually reduce consumption. We can all repair and pass on to others to extend the life of the product.

Tamayo Life stands focused on the vision of an eco-conscious future, whilst creating connections, communities and handicrafts which empower and celebrate people and the planet.

Photo credit Magenta Photography